White Plains train station becomes slippery because of paint on the yellow warning strip. According to an article in The Journal News on October 15, 2018, a 37 year old White Plains resident slipped at about 8:11 A.M. while waiting for a Metro North train to Grand Central. “I took a pretty good fall” he told The Journal News (loHud). He slipped on the newly painted yellow warning strip a half hour earlier. Another passenger slipped and fell boarding a train and needed to be hospitalized.

The work on the White Plains train station was part of a $92 million renovation of the station. They had to close the northern end of the same platform.

Another passenger fell and was dazed. He was told about the person that fell before at approximately 4:00 P.M. The falls, according to the person that fell, should have been preventable. The newly painted warning strip is unusually slippery. The platform edge has small, round, tactile bumps to help with traction, but new paint seems to be a problem.

According to the article the newly painted warning strip “it must be something with the type of paint they used, or how it was mixed”. You can see where the new paint ended. They should have tested it before the area was reopened. The injured person states “they didn’t mark it with a cone or put up any kind of warning to make people aware of the problem. They should have at least put up a ‘slippery when wet’ sign.”

Metro North workers said “workers will put sand on the warning strips and the platform edge will be redone with a more slip resistant paint”. Metro North also states their contractor will inspect the edge each day and pour sand on the edges until the issue is resolved.

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