Wednesday’s Long Island Railroad accident sounds all too familiar.  A rush hour commuter train crashed into the end of a platform at Atlantic Terminal in Brooklyn on January 4, 2017.

According to an article in – The Journal News by Deepti Hajela & Michael Balsamo, more than 100 passengers were injured.  Passengers were hurled to the floor and slammed into each other.  The train had been traveling 10 mph when it crashed, double the 5 mph speed limit.

The National Transportation Safety Board investigator said the train had erratically changed speeds in the 3 minutes before the crash, accelerating and decelerating between 2 & 10 mph.

The similarities to the recent New Jersey Transit crash into the end of the station and The Metro North crash at Spuyten Duyvil all had sleep apnea.  Federal investigators will test Long Island Railroad engineer for sleep apnea as he had exhibited “typical risk factors for the sleep disorder as the engineer is overweight and his wife complained he snores when sleeping”.

The engineer has no memory of the crash. He is unable to recall reaching the end of the track.  The engineer of the Long Island Railroad train has worked for them since 2000 on the night shift and had just been off for 3 days.  The engineer was given a drug test and the results are not yet known.

The front of the train slammed into the bumping block as it pulled into the station and did not stop leaving the tracks and ending up in a work area.  As with many train accidents, the tracks broke off and pierced through the train car.  According to the investigator, the bumping block is designed for only very low speed.  Mr. Murpin, the NTSP investigator stated “there is nothing that would cushion a train collision like Wednesday’s”.

Once again, a train accident that the engineer may have sleep apnea.  Isn’t it time for all railroad engineers to be tested for sleep apnea?

If you or someone you know was injured in a New York Railroad accident, you only have 90 days to file a Notice of Claim from the day of the accident to preserve your right to sue.  You also have a shortened Statute of Limitations to one year and ninety days from the accident.

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