Following up on our October 13, 2016 blog on electrical car sales.  In an article in the Journal News, section Putnam-Northern Westchester Express on October 6, 2016 by Matt Coyne states that in the last 4 years, 18,000 electric cars have been registered in New York State.  The New York Power Authority is in charge of charging stations.  CEO of that authority, Gil Quiniones celebrated that 100 charging stations opened in New York since 2014.

There are three charging stations in Tarrytown and others across White Plains, Cortlandt, Southeast and Chappaqua.  One is opening in Clarkstown, bring the total number of charging stations in New York to 1600. Two years ago, the number of electric vehicles in New York State was 10,000 up from 2800 in 2012.  The charging stations in Westchester & Putnam Counties have seen a hugh year increase in use.  In Tarrytown, total energy used in kilowatt hours has increased by 159%.  At the Cortlandt Metro-North station, energy dispensed jumped 303% and at the Southeast train station 169%.

Charge New York has opened 1100 charging stations across New York State with 1600 additional stations coming from private businesses.  The New York Power Authority are in talks to enter into a contract to install 300 more charging stations in New York.  The CEO of the Power Authority Quiniones, believes more charging stations will push more people to buy electric cars.  As the article states “clean transportation on rise”.

In a short note in USA Today Money on October 10, 2016, Tesla is to unveil a new product.  Tesla plans to unveil a new solar roof that is jointly produced with Solar City.  Tesla agreed to buy Solar City for $2.6 million.

More progress on producing more and more electric/solar vehicles.

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