Motorcycle Crashes Bloom

In an article in the Journal News of May 30, 2014 by Gregory Webb, the hard winter left a vast array of cracks, potholes and debris along lower Hudson Valley roads. Balancing a heavy motorcycle along a busy local highway only to encounter a deep crack running longitudinally along your travel lane. The front wheel drops into the crack, the situation becomes extremely perilous as the wheel is prevented from making the normal side to side movement to keep the bike stable. Most likely, the motorcycle will flip over.

Each year around this time, the roar of motorcycles appears like birds in the Spring time. Each year, every year, motorcycle crashes bloom. Each year a new wave of riders, many young, venture forth with a wide variety of training. Most motorcycles are courteous and restrained. Bu a distinct minority are willing to take more extreme illegal rushes feeling the power and thrill of race track inspired machines. Unfortunately, the challenging motives of safety, operating a motorcycle on rough roads result in a wave of motorcycle crashes. Each year, the American Motorcyclist Association issues a Call to Responsibility, for all parties on the road.

Drivers need to be alert and aware that motorcycles are part of the normal traffic flow and should be respected. Further, motorcycle riders desperately need motorcycle training and most use restraint and exhibit courtesy. Motorcycle two day safety courses are offered at many community colleges. The riders will be taught the essentials of balance, alertness and emergency maneuvering.

The article points out that police officers need to be more responsive and aware of the factors confronting modern motorcyclists. Too many potentially deadly asphalt conditions in our area since the winter, invite regrettable results. Police officers have a duty to restrain dangerous cycle operations.

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