.M. went through great efforts to quickly produce replacement ignition switches for millions of cars under recall. However, the harder part is getting customers into dealerships to get the cars fixed. GM met its October, 2014 goals of having 1.96 million recalled cars. In an article in USA Today – The Journal News by Chris Woodyard points out only 55.7% of owners have had the repairs done by November 20, 2014 leaving 833,630 still to be fixed. The initial flood of customers trying to get recalled cars fixed has dwindled to a trickle.

After barraging customer with letters, e-mails, etc. GM has gone beyond traditional communication to try to reach owners’ Facebook and on line Roku games. This still hasn’t done the job so GM is trying a $25 gift card for owners who bring recalled cars to dealerships by January, 2015. The Executive Director of the Center for Auto Safety states it is a lot cheaper to give $25 to a million customers to get the recall done than to pay a $25 million judgment on a recalled vehicle that killed a consumer because the car wasn’t fixed. GM claims that it is not as if the owners don’t know about the recall, 99% are aware. GM representatives Stooke says they just aren’t coming in possibly from the limelight and recall publicity has shifted to Takata’s exploding airbags.

The article points out that the potential danger becomes more apparent by the week as death counts due to switches based on settlement totals put out by GM’s Independent Compensation Administrator, Kenneth Feinberg now totals 35, far above the 13 that GM originally linked to the defective switches.

Faced with such large numbers still to get the switches recalled done, GM has focused its efforts on the five metro areas where registration data indicate the highest concentrations of the Saturn Ion, Chevrolet Cobalt and other models under recall in Chicago, Los Angeles, Houston, New York & Dallas. A special call center was created to reach the owners. The call centers also specialize in reaching older customers about the need to have their cars repaired. GM has even tried to reach customers though Facebook pages against it owners’ data. Some dealers have been aggressive in trying to fix recalled cars by offering loaners or extended hours. GM claims it has switches on the shelves for immediate installation.

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