In December an article was written in The Journal News about a crash in the Poconos when a 15 year old from Pleasantville, New York was at her parent’s vacation home in Pennsylvania. She was driving her father’s Chevrolet Suburban, lost control and flipped it resulting in 3 15 year old deaths. When the police arrived at the scene, the unlicensed 15 year old driver stated “I was driving too fast, arrest me”. In December, four months after the accident, the driver’s father, Mr. Ware , age 53, was charged with involuntary manslaughter and endangering the welfare of children. Ware’s daughter who also faces her own charges in Juvenile Court told police her father let her drive the vehicle even though she was unlicensed and had given her permission for an earlier solo trip taking her friend to Dunkin Donuts. Mr. Ware’s defense attorney declined to address whether Ware knew his daughter had taken the car. The attorney said that even if Ware had given the teen permission to use the SUV, charging him in the accident is a stretch.

The driver’s 15 year old friend who also lives in Westchester, New York and went on the family road trip to Pennsylvania confirmed the driver’s father walked the two children to the SUV and Ware put in his sandwich order and waved goodbye before the teens drove off. Thus, giving permission for his unlicensed 15 year old daughter to drive his SUV from the Ware summer home in Wallenpaupack Lake Estates. The daughter and her friend went to pick up four other teens before driving to BBQ Pit where surveillance cameras show the group climb into the SUV moments before the crash.

Killed in the accident was a male, fun loving varsity lacrosse player, a basketball and football player and an altar server. Another male was an accomplished athlete who volunteered with Special Olympics. These last two boys were thrown from the vehicle and the third boy was pinned beneath the vehicle. The driver and her girlfriend and a fourth teenage boy survived the crash. The boy told the police he and his friends (now dead) tried to tell Ware’s daughter to slow down prior to the crash. After the crash, Ware told police at the scene he didn’t know his daughter had taken the vehicle which contradicted the story of young girlfriend who survived. Ware’s daughter told police that at the time of the crash, she and her friend “thought they were supposed to say they had the vehicle without the permission so as not to get her father in trouble”.

On November 3, 2014, a head on crash killed a 47 year old woman and critically injured her former husband, 49. The horrific accident occurred at 4:30 AM after the driver of the other vehicle a drunken White Plains firefighter traveled the wrong way on South Lexington Avenue going 65 m.p.h. in a 30 m.p.h. zone. He turned the wrong way onto Martine Avenue and slammed into a Honda Civic driven by a 49 year old man delivering newspapers with his ex-wife. After the head on collision, the firefighter reversed his SUV and smashed into the lobby of an apartment building. Immediately after the accident, the firefighter told police “I want to be up front with you. There are a few Heinekens in the back of my car from a football game the other night”. He also claimed he was driving in the right direction and that the Honda “came out of the Galleria parking lot the wrong way and struck him”. However, security and traffic cameras confirmed the firefighter turned the wrong way onto Martine Avenue. Videos also showed the firefighter drinking at the Brazen Fox, Hudson Grille, Copper face Jacks and the Black Bear, bars in downtown White Plains. The firefighter was originally charged with criminally negligent homicide and driving while intoxicated. The dead 47 year old woman had 2 children with her ex-husband, one who attends Harrison High School and the other son is a college student.

These are two examples of accidents that caused the death of 3 teenage boys and a 47 year old mother of two as a result of drugs, alcohol and inexperienced teenage driver.

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